EA's Cancelled Star Wars Game "Orca" Reportedly Axed for a Smaller-Scale Title Slated for 2020

Following a report just yesterday that the open-world Star Wars game that EA pulled from Visceral [...]

Following a report just yesterday that the open-world Star Wars game that EA pulled from Visceral has been axed, new details have arisen surrounding the decision to pull the project all together.

The original announcement came from Kotaku's Jason Schreier and he has since updated his original announcement to include more details surrounding the sudden cancellation. According to Schreier, the game was under the codename Orca and had a very promising premise that allowed players to explore stunning open-world planets as a bounty hunter.

Sounds amazing, right? Alas, we'll never actually see it because it's been reportedly canned but the real reason behind the cancellation is that EA pulled those resources to allegedly work on a much smaller-scale game. According to two anonymous sources, there is a much smaller title that is set to release sometime in 2020. Details about the smaller title are slim at this time, though Schreier did clarify that the cancellation did not result in any layoffs at this time.

It's a shame to see this title canned after the tumultuous start it had to begin with. The gaming world reacted immediately when EA announced that they had abruptly shut the doors forever on Visceral Games - the original team working on the open-world Star Wars game - and handed it off over to their EA Vancouver studio. The announcement came during a time when blood was still hot over how EA handled Star Wars Battlefront II, which led many gamers to not trust the new IP solely in their hands.

It looks like now we'll never know if it would have been a hit or not, but with so much groundwork laid down - we might see a revival in the future once other projects wrap up.

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