In Response To Online Concerns, Deus Ex Studio Head Clarifies They Aren't Abandoning Single-Player Games


Earlier today, the studio behind the popular Deus Ex franchise made a pretty vague statement about the company's decision to shift its resources, and focus, to online player games. With EA declaring that linear single-player games are dead and that "no gamers want" them, and many other developers jumping onto the online-focus train tracks - a lot of of fans were understandably worried that this meant Eidos Montreal was committing to the same path. You can read their full previous statement that sparked concern here, but the gist was that online play was where their future goals lie. Now that fans have voiced their concerns, Eidos boss is here to clarify:


With their new Avengers game in the works, many were understandably thinking their original statement, which strongly implied the absence of single-player goals in future plans, meant the death of any linear-style narratives. Hopefully this clarification rings true and they will not be following the path that many other huge developers seem to be taking. Many in the industry have made their vocalisation about their support of single-player campaigns known, so we hope that Eidos continues to do what they do best - present a fantastic story for us to enjoy.