Elden Ring Bosses Reimagined as Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

The assorted demi-god scourges of Elden Ring now can be used in Dungeons & Dragons. Last week, a Reddit user posted full creature Dungeons & Dragons 5E statblocks for a half-dozen Elden Ring boss characters, including Morgott, Radahn, Godrick, and Malenia. All six of the bosses have been reimagined as high CR creatures with a host of Legendary and Mythic Actions that reflect the multi-phase boss fights players have to endure when they fight the characters in Elden Ring. Five of the characters have CRs above 20 (with Radahn having the highest CR of 26) while Godrick (the "beginning" boss in Elden Ring) has a CR of 16. 

[OC] D&D Stat Blocks of all Demigods from Elden Ring (Morgott/Radahn/Mohg/Rykard/Malenia/Godrick) from Eldenring

The most impressive part of the statblocks is how their designer (who goes by Yrolc95 on Reddit) managed to make each creature feel wholly unique. Morgott has a variety of Bonus Action attacks that tack on extra blows to his string of attacks, while Melania's Scarlet will slowly poison an opponent to death. There are a few attacks that are a bit overpowered – Melania's Waterfowl Dance attack has the potential of dealing a whopping 32d12 + 128 damage, which would kill off just about any player character without hesitation. 

These aren't official 5E stats, of course, but they could still be fun to use in a one-shot campaign. It's possible that a more official Elden Ring game could make its way to tabletops eventually – Steamforged Games recently released a Dark Souls Roleplaying Game that used a heavily modified version of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Given how brutal the world of Elden Ring is, it would likely make more sense to create a new game engine all together. 

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.