Elden Ring: Tons of Players Still Haven't Beaten the First Boss

It's no secret that Elden Ring is a challenging game, but it seems to be rather grueling for almost half the player base. Elden Ring has been a massive success, garnering legendary review scores that have also attracted the attention of more than just longtime Souls veterans. The high praise seems to have roped in a lot of players who aren't super familiar with the ins and outs of the series, creating a situation where a high number of players are actually having difficulties fighting some of the game's early bosses. Although Elden Ring is meant to be easier than other games in the genre, it's not a walk in the park.

As reported by Techradar, the Steam achievements for Elden Ring show that only 55% of players on PC have defeated Godrick, the first proper boss in the game. PlayStation players have been more victorious against the boss, with 64% of players having earned the trophy linked to killing him. There's likely a multitude of reasons why a healthy chunk of players isn't making it past Godrick. For starters, the game opens up its world almost immediately, allowing players to go wherever they want and get into it with smaller bosses or enemy types. It's the first true open-world Souls game, so there's a lot to see and do right away. The game also doesn't hold the player's hand and blatantly point them in the direction of Godrick, so some players may not have encountered him at all.

It's also possible that due to Elden Ring's massive sales numbers that newcomers are having difficulties overcoming this early obstacle. Although there's no guarantee, it seems likely that Elden Ring's commercial success is actually skewing data about how much progress active players are making. After all, there are probably people who have quit the game early on after realizing how difficult it is, factoring into the number of players who haven't defeated Godrick.

Are you one of the many who have triumphed over Godrick in Elden Ring? If not, let me know what is preventing you from defeating him in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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