Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's Throwable Weapons and Where to Find Them

Elden Ring introduces new, throwable weapons in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Elden Ring's massive, very good Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduced a ton of new weapons including some that hail from never-before-seen weapon categories. One of those weapon types is broadly called "Smithscript" and consists of different, otherwise basic weapons that are imbued with magic enchantments which allow them to be thrown only to reappear shortly afterwards in players' hands. These Smithscript weapons can be found throughout the game, but like most other parts of Elden Ring and the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, there's no clear indication at the start as to where you'll find them.

Fortunately, we found several throwable weapons during the review process for Shadow of the Erdtree and kept track of them to assist with those searches. It's likely that there are more we haven't yet found during the first playthrough, but the eight different throwable weapons we did find should help get you started. Below you'll find the locations for these items as well as a look at their stats.

Spoiler Warning: 2 of the weapons discussed at the end of this list deal with story/quest spoilers. 

Smithscript Dagger


The new Smithscript Dagger in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.


The Smithscript weapon you'll likely find first is the Smithscript Dagger, a relatively simple introduction to the new mechanic. It's located over in the Ruined Forge Lava Intake which is southeast of Castle Ensis. These "Ruined Forge" locations are a new type of mini dungeons which you'll find are always home to these new Smithscript weapons as well as bountiful supplies of Smithing Stones similar to the mines players would explore in the base game.

The Smithscript Dagger requires a mix of Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Faith just like the rest of the core Smithscript items do. It's got a relatively short range, but being able to dual-wield them and imbue them with status effects boasts potential.


Elden Ring's Smithscript Dagger is found in the Ruined Forge Lava Intake.


Smithscript Spear and Smithscript Cirque


The Smithscript Spear and Smithscript Cirque in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.


After finding the Smithscript Dagger, the next Ruined Forge that's easiest to get to actually has two different weapons: the Smithscript Spear and the Smithscript Cirque which are both found in Ruined Forge of Starfall Past. The former is exactly what it sounds like -- a spear that you can throw, so basically the closest that you'll get to a javelin in Elden Ring. It's honestly one of the punier options as far as Smithscript and it's hard to sell it over something like the more agile dagger or the heavier options found elsewhere, but it's one to add to your collection at the least. 

The Smithscript Cirque is a bit more interesting. It's a throwable weapon, but it's also a backhand blade which is another new type of weapon in Shadow of the Erdtree. These have unique movesets as well as the "Blind Spot" weapon art which is like a more offensive version of Bloodhound Step.

For further context, these Cirque weapons are the same type as the ones used by the Curseblade enemies that dance around with massive combos and too much poise for their own good, so with these, you too can play like a Curseblade.


The Smithscript Spear and Smithscript Cirque are found in the Ruined Forge of Starfall Past.


Smithscript Axe, Smithscript Shield, and Smithscript Greathammer


The Smithscript Axe, Smithscript Greahammer, and Smithscript Shield in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.


Three more Smithscript weapons you can find in Elden Ring are the Smithscript Axe, Smithscript Shield, and the Smithscript Greathammer. Each of these can be found in the Taylew's Ruined Forge location which was the list Ruined Forge site I found in my initial playthrough of the DLC.

Like the Smithscript Spear, the Smithscript Axe struggles to find a place among the other Smithscript competitors. It's a one-handed weapon, so you don't get two of them when two-handing it, but it could make for a viable offhand weapon. 

The Smithscript Greathammer and Smithscript Shield, however, are a bit more interesting. The Smithscript Greathammer is best used with two hands, and though it's got a windup to its throw, it has exceptional range and quite the rewarding impact whenever it lands. Thanks to it being categorized as a great hammer, repeated throws can easily build up to a stagger while keeping yourself safe.


The Smithscript Axe, Smithscript Greathammer, and Smithscript Shield are found in the Taylew's Ruined Forge.


Claws of Night

Second spoiler warning: we are moving into quest spoilers here.


The Claws of Night in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree


While they're not labeled explicitly as a Smithscript weapon, make no mistake -- the Claws of Night are an extremely powerful option in this weapon class. Unlike the other weapons which deal only base damage aside from whatever you infuse them with, the Claws of Night's output is split between physical and magic damage, so if you're running an Intelligence build, this one's for you. Like other claw options, they also cause blood loss buildup, but you can't infuse them, so don't plan on any cheesy Frost/Bleed Smithscript builds.

These Claws of Night are used by an NPC named Anna, Swordhand of Night. She's part of the questline offered to players by Count Ymir who lives in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr over in Eastern Scadu Atlus. While there are likely multiple ways to go about this quest, you can't miss them if you fully engage with his story since these are a guaranteed drop from the NPC that wields them, so simply navigate that quest and you'll get these.

Spear of the Impaler


The Spear of the Impaler found in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.


Finally, we have the big one: the Spear of the Impaler. Even more so than the Claws of Night, you can't miss this one if you're playing through Shadow of the Erdtree. You'll get the Spear of the Impaler as one of the two options players can claim when using the Remembrance you get from beating Messmir the Impaler, a required boss in the DLC. The version shown above is one I fully maxed out to prep for a future run, but you can see from the base damage it offers it's a formidable option.

This weapon is technically not a Smithscript option, but it's still throwable. The running heavy attack or the standard heavy attack will both throw the weapon at enemies while boasting some pretty insane tracking on the projectile to the point that you can easily hit enemies even when riding on Torrent. Where it really excels, however, is the charged heavy attack. This creates an explosion of fire on impact that deals much more damage while leaving a patch of fire on the ground to damage enemies over time. This move requires no FP at all, so it's the perfect replacement for some of your pokier Incantations so that you can focus more on the heavy hitters.