Elon Musk's Tesla Cars To Introduce Classic Atari Games In New Update


While the Tesla electric vehicles may not be everyone’s, ahem, speed, they do have a level of efficiency that some customers appreciate. And when its latest update becomes available, it’ll also provide the opportunity to enjoy some classic games.

Elon Musk, the CEO behind the Tesla brand, recently took to Twitter to announce the latest software update for the cars, known as Version 9.0. While he didn’t mention other features that would be coming, he did note that some Atari classic games would be included as “Easter eggs” within it.

Here’s the tweet from Musk. He noted in a follow-up that games like Pole Position, Tempest and Missile Command would be amongst the games included, though he didn’t note to what extent they would be playable.

While it may sound a bit bizarre to play a game like Pole Position on the road, Musk did make it clear that the game would play with the actual Tesla steering wheel -- but only when the car is stationary.

Could this be the beginning of a partnership that would introduce other potential Atari games to the fold? After all, they do love to show off a collection, with two Atari Flashback compilations on shelves and a third on the way, along with a special retro package for Nintendo Switch set to drop this fall.


While this would probably make for interesting play with a passenger driver, we can’t help but wonder if there’s a possibility these games could distract regular drivers. Perhaps Musk has a way to incorporate the games so they’re involved with the interface without being all-out distractions. Let’s hope this is the case.

Musk is set to introduce the feature in just about a month’s time. So hopefully by then, we’ll have a better idea of just how the update works. Fingers crossed it doesn’t go too crazy on its features -- we can’t imagine what it’d be like playing Tempest with a steering wheel. (Maybe we can use the radio volume as a spinner knob.)