Epic Games Acquires ArtStation

ArtStation, the platform that plays host to so many artists' creations, is now owned by Epic Games. The pair announced the acquisition on Friday with some information about the two will proceed from here now that ArtStation is part of the Epic Games group. This marks the latest of several high-profile moves Epic Games has made to build out its portfolio beyond things like Fortnite and the Unreal Engine tech.

One thing quickly made clear after the ArtStation acquisition was that the platform would still remain independent. ArtStation will work with the Unreal Engine team to "empower creators" and doesn't sound like it'll be changing much, at least not in the near future.

"ArtStation will remain an independently branded platform owned by Epic Games and will continue its mission to empower creators to thrive, ArtStation's announcement said. "You can still use the platform as you do today, and we will continue to be open to all creators across verticals, both 2D and 3D alike – including those that don't use Unreal Engine. We'll be actively hiring and growing the ArtStation team. We're committed to improving the platform and now as a part of Epic, we'll be able to do much more."

One thing that is changing are the fees levied on things sold through the ArtStation Marketplace, but they're changing in a positive way. In line with how Epic Games has lesser fees on its games sold through the Epic Games Store, ArtStation will now have smaller fees on ArtStation Marketplace items to give creators a shot at earning more.

"As of today, we're massively increasing the earning potential of sellers on the ArtStation Marketplace," ArtStation's announcement said. "We're dropping our standard fees from 30% to only 12%. For Pro members, the fee reduces from 20% to 8% and 5% for self-promoted sales."


Finally, ArtStation Learning, the resource that teaches creators about various topics of interest, is being made free. That offer only applies to members for the rest of 2021, however, so it's best to take advantage of that now in case something changes next year.

More information on the acquisition can be found through the announcements from ArtStation and Epic Games.