Epic Games Store Is Adding Achievements

Achievements are slowly but surely being added to the Epic Games Store as part of Epic Games’ continued rollout of features users would hope would be part of their shopping and playing experience. The rollout is starting slow at first with the achievements only enabled for a few games right now since it’s an early version of the feature, according to Epic Games, but depending on which games you play through the Epic Games Store, you may be able to start unlocking achievements now. Ark: Survival Evolved is one such game that apparently has them enabled now with more to come in the future.

Epic Games announced through its Epic Games Store Twitter account the release of achievements for its launcher. A preview of what the achievements would look like showed them appearing in the side bar set to a dark background. Progress toward achievements is shown beneath the individual tasks with the sections divided into the ones you’ve unlocked and the ones you haven’t yet.

There’s nothing exceptionally fancy about the achievements features, but it’s at least rolling out to the Epic Games Store now after spending over a year on the Trello board for the store that tracks what features are coming and when they might be added. That Trello board originally saw the achievements card added in March 2019 in the category saying it’d be out and available in fewer than six months, but it was later moved to the “Future Development” category before being moved to “Up Next” earlier this year ahead of its release.

Other features in the same category planned for releases sooner than the others include a trending page for popular games, mod support, add-on discovery, price-adjusted bundles, and direct carrier billing.

No timeframe for when the feature will be updated was given in the tweet beyond “the near future,” so there’s no telling what the additional info to share on the matter would be since it’s again a pretty simple feature to have. We’ll see some changes to it regardless, but until then, check out your favorite games on the Epic Games Store to see if they now have achievements enabled.