Esports Comedy Series In the Works at CBS

A new comedy series centered in the world of esports is in the works at CBS, reports from Tuesday [...]

A new comedy series centered in the world of esports is in the works at CBS, reports from Tuesday have claimed. The name of the series is currently unknown, but Variety reported that a put pilot order is in place at CBS with information about who will be behind the series also released. Warner Bros. Television will serve as the studio for the series and Rick Fox, the retired professional basketball player who served as the face of the Echo Fox esports organization, is also on board as an executive producer.

According to Variety's report of the unnamed comedy series, it sounds as though Fox's own background will play a critical role in the narrative. The single-camera series follows the story of a retired basketball star who's looking to connect with his son by working his way into esports. In this series' case, that means purchasing an esports franchise.

It's a situation quite similar to the one Fox found himself in with Echo Fox even if his place at the esports organization was thrown into turmoil amid the org leaving the League of Legends North American Championship Series. Fox became a co-owner of the organization, and while there are many others involved with Echo Fox, he became the face of the group and frequently made appearances during professional gaming events, particularly during League matches. Fox's purchase of an esports organization that eventually became the Echo Fox we know today was similarly fueled by Fox's desire to become closer with his son, Kyle.

Joining the team behind the comedy series is Dan Kopelman who will write and executive produce. Kapital Entertainment's Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor will serve as executive producers alongside Kopelman and Fox. It has not yet been said who will play the main roles of father and son nor has any other casting information been shared.

For those who've been paying attention to the rise of esports on platforms other than Twitch, YouTube, and crowded arenas, you may have noticed competitive gaming making another TV appearance this year. HBO's show Ballers which stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson incorporated an esports arc into its story that was centered around League. Instead of featuring a generic gaming and esports experience, it had talents from League's competitive scene, Riot Games, and Rick Fox himself making appearances in the episodes to lend some realism to the story.