Digital Everdell Game Out Now

Dire Wolf has released its digital version of Everdell for Steam, iOS, and Android devices. The digital version of Everdell, a popular worker placement game featuring groups of animals, is now available on multiple platforms. The game costs $9.99 on iOS and Android devices, and $19.99 on Steam. The iOS version can be played on either mobile devices or iPad and all versions of Everdell include compatibility. You can check out the initial trailer of the game below:

Originally published by Sterling Games, an offshoot of Tabletop Tycoon, Everdell is a worker placement game in which players aim to score victory points while gathering resources and building small villages over the course of several seasons. On each turn, players either play a card or place a worker on the board or prepare for the next season. Certain areas only have limited spaces for workers, so players will have to prioritize which resources they want to gather or how they want to score points. As the seasons turn and the players' villages grow, players will gain more workers and more options on how to play them. 

The base game of Everdell was nominated for numerous awards and remains one of the top-rated games on BoardGameGeek, a popular tabletop game website. It also spawned numerous expansions, each of which add additional options, resources, boards, and new factions to the game. Initially, it appears that the digital version of Everdell will only include the base game, but most players expect that additional DLC will be released in the coming months. 

So far, the digital version of Everdell has received rave reviews on both Steam and iOS platforms. The game is currently the #2 card game on iOS and has received mostly positive reviews on Steam.