Fall Guys Rewards Best Player in the World with Special Skin

After a brief but fervent hunt for the best Fall Guys player in the world, “The Fallen One” has finally been identified: It’s DrLupo. The streamer is “statistically the best” Fall Guys player, according to developer Mediatonic, and to show off that status, the streamer’s been gifted a skin that’ll be exclusive for a limited time. The skin will be made available soon to everyone if they’ve got the currency to pay for it, but for now, DrLupo is the only player in the world who can wear it.

The hunt for the best player in the world started on August 20th when the very active Fall Guys Twitter account confirmed that it’d just deposited the special skin into one player’s account. That player was “statistically the best” in Fall Guys, but the catch was that the developer said it didn’t know who the player that received the skin was. That left if up to the community to figure it out with calls for The Fallen One to step forward and claim their title by showing off their skin.

On Friday, DrLupo claimed that title. The streamer logged onto Fall Guys and saw the Portal-themed skin in his inventory that included a top and bottom half of the outfit. It’s a unique skin that follows Fall Guys’ trend of adding Valve skins to the game, skins that’ll now be available for those on the PlayStation 4 as well thanks to this week’s update.


Naturally, there were some questions about the way that the reward was distributed. The best Fall Guys player in the world just so happening to be a streamer playing the game for tens of thousands of viewers at a time with millions of followers is pretty convenient, and as others have pointed out, there are Fall Guys players with more wins than DrLupo. “Statistically the best” could mean a lot of other things besides purely wins though such as how many times you place in a match, get to the finals, or a ratio of wins to games played. Whether it’s all just marketing or DrLupo is indeed the best Fall Guys player around, everyone will at least have a chance to wear the skin soon when it’s released on Saturday.