Fall Guys Is Giving Players a Reward Following Server Issues

Fall Guys had a hugely successful launch, but like any big game’s release, that launch was [...]

Fall Guys had a hugely successful launch, but like any big game's release, that launch was accompanied with some server issues. Players scrambled to get into the bean royale game in the days after its release and were met with some problems that prevented them from finishing or even getting into games. It's running fine now with servers able to meet the demand, and Mediatonic said it plans to gift players a reward to make up for the downtime. What that reward is hasn't been decided yet, but it's being worked on.

Mediatonic's latest comments pertaining to whatever that reward may be were included in a post on the game's Steam page that served as a recap for the game's PC launch and some of the content previously and currently available to players. The details of the reward and how it'll be distributed are still being worked out, Mediatonic said.

"Thank you so much for supporting the game and being patient while we figured out our server issues," Mediatonic said. "It was a little bumpy for the first few days, but we had it running smoothly over the weekend!

"As an apology to you all, and a thank you for bearing with us, we'd like to give you an in-game reward. We're still working out what this will be exactly, and the technical side of gifting it to you all, but we'll have more details on that soon."

This reward was first mentioned a few days prior when the server issues were still ongoing and were preventing players from getting into their games. The developer previously apologized for the problems and said it would be "working on extra rewards" for players to show appreciation for support during the difficulties.

In the meantime, Fall Guys players can look forward to the game's first big update that's releasing on Wednesday. It'll add a new level for players to master along with some fixes and adjustments for other modes. The Steam post said we'll see more modes and other features added later, so expect more of the same in Fall Guys' future after Wednesday's update.