Fallout 4: New Vegas Team Shows Off the Vault Boys Doin' Their Best

For both new and old fans of Bethesda's iconic Fallout series, the Vault Boys are instantly [...]

For both new and old fans of Bethesda's iconic Fallout series, the Vault Boys are instantly recognizable to all. The nuclear cloud detecting mascots of the game and perk indicators are a well-known and beloved part of the Wasteland and the team behind the ambitious fan project Fallout 4: New Vegas wants to show off a couple of these good boys just doin' their best - 2D style.

The crew took to their Facebook page to show off their latest video showcasing some of the unique 2D animation progress the team has made thus far. "Looks like it's time for some Friday Featured Content, this time showcasing some of the top-notch animation work done by our 2d team," began the latest update.

They added, "These animations, the combined efforts of 2d team members Charlie Wilcher, Bruno Sathler, and Chris Bryer, represent just a small sneak preview into some of the awesome animated Vault Boys we'll be using in F4NV!"

You can see the different perk showcases through the animation, including taking out some impressive enemies, navigating the wasteland, and much more. It's a neat little sneak peek to get us through the week before their next big devlog update!

For those that might be new to this project, the team behind the incredible total conversion mod Fallout 4: New Vegas continue to make amazing progress on their impressive project, each week filling in fans on the journey to completion. This ambitious fan-driven project brings the best of Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas into the massive world of Fallout 4. But we're not the only ones impressed, Bethesda themselves have backed this project!

Each week the creative team offers unique insights into their progress towards completion, and you can bet that radioactive butt of yours that we've got you covered! This is a project that we are very passionate about as well and we absolutely love all of the amazing updates from the team.

To learn more about the project that has been years in the making, check out their previous updates over on their site right here!

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