Fallout 76 Players Will Soon Get to Test More Brotherhood of Steel Content

Bethesda officially kicked off Fallout 76's Brotherhood of Steel content back in November with the release of the Steel Dawn update, the long-awaited content that was both pushed back and released early throughout its development. That update was always intended to be just the start of the Brotherhood of Steel content, however, with more to come in the future. Bethesda has now confirmed it plans to bring players more Brotherhood of Steel in May so that players can experience parts of the Steel Reign update.

As players may recall from seeing the 2021 roadmap for Fallout 76 released in March, the Steel Reign update currently has a Summer 2021 release window. It's main draw, as the name suggests, is the "expansion of the Brotherhood of Steel storyline," according to Bethesda.

"Continue your adventures with Paladin Rahmani, Knight Shin, and Scribe Valdez in the 'Steel Reign' questline, which picks up immediately following the events of 'Steel Dawn,'" Bethesda said about the plans for the reopening of the test servers. "Find out where the story leads next as you carry the Brotherhood banner through Appalachia, explore new locations, square off against new threats, and claim rewards along the way."

We don't have a precise date yet for the reopening of the test servers, but we know it's happening in May. We also know that while Brotherhood of Steel will take up a fair bit of interest, it's not the only thing players have to look forward to in the Steel Reign release. Things like Legendary Cores will be added to let players augment their items with Legendary Upgrades, Power Armor will also benefit from Legendary Upgrades, and Bethesda will rebalance some Legendary Attributes while also adding new ones.


Bethesda concluded its Steel Reign talks by saying the new update would help kick off a new season in Fallout 76. The game just recently entered into Season 4 with the release of the Locked & Loaded update which means that Steel Reign is indeed a while away, so it sounds like we should expect it to release later in the summer. You'll still be able to test it out before then, however, so if you can't wait to see what's new, be sure to hop into the test servers in May when they reopen with the new content.