Fallout 76 Is Running Several Events at Once This Weekend

For Fallout 76 players – and even those who don't own the game at all – this weekend's a good one to spend time with the game. That's because Bethesda is running not just two or three but five different events at once to give players new and old something to do in Fallout 76. Some of the events consist of the recurring incentives that happen every couple of weeks as tracked by the community calendars while others are limited-time events steeped in Fallout lore and annual holidays.

The most noticeable change you'll see in Fallout 76 right now is the Halloween event that's running until November 2nd. Highlights of this include the new Spooky Scorched enemies that are guaranteed to drop some legendary items for players once they're slain as well as an incentive to trick-or-treat at other people's C.A.M.P. setups.

"You can also invite trick-or-treaters to your C.A.M.P. by claiming a free Spooky Candy Bowl of your own from the Atomic Shop, and then filling it with Mystery Candy that you've collected from Spooky Scorched or train station vendors," Bethesda said. "Whenever you trick-or-treat or give out candy to trick-or-treaters, you'll earn progress toward Halloween-themed Challenges, which you can complete to earn rewards until November 2."

Then there's the Bombs Drop celebration, the commemoration of Fallout's in-universe date when the Great War began. That anniversary is officially on October 23rd, but the event itself will run until October 25th.

Under the Bombs Drop umbrella is a trio of events for players to partake in. The first gives players double the Legendary Scrip for depositing legendary items in Legendary Exchange Machines, the second takes 50% off the prices of legendary items sold by Purveyor Murmrgh, and the last is a Daily Ops Double Mutation Weekend. All of those are live from now until October 25th.

Finally, the final event taking place in Fallout 76 this weekend is applicable to those who aren't playing the game right now or those who want to hop onto another platform for whatever reason. Until October 25th, Fallout 76 will be free to play across all the platforms it's currently available on. There's a sale attached to that free week, too, so if you end up picking up the game for good, you'll be able to do so at a discount.