Fallout 76 Is Having a Huge Bonus XP Weekend

If you've got anything you need to do in Fallout 76, now's the time to do it seeing how Bethesda is holding an in-game event where players can get more bonus experience than ever before. The event now live in Fallout 76 goes beyond Double XP and offers players Triple XP for the first time in the game which means you'll be getting triple the experience whether you're playing by yourself, with friends, or against others in the game's battle royale mode. The Triple XP event is live now, but it'll only be around for a few more days before it's gone.

Bethesda announced its Fallout 76 event this weekend and gave some examples of things players should consider doing if they've been putting things off in the game now that you can get triple the experience. If there are any missions you've been planning to embark on, this weekend would be the perfect time to do them. If you've wanted to start a new character but you didn't want to trudge through the early game startup where you're working to get back to where you were before, having Triple XP would certainly expedite that process.

Some players thought the Triple XP might be a joke given the timing around April Fools' Day, but Bethesda said the event is the real deal.

"It's no April Fool's joke—We're cranking up your experience gains with our first-ever Triple XP Bonus!" Bethesda said. "The event will kick off a little later today and, like our previous bonuses, Triple XP will be in effect across all game modes. So, whether you're hunting down cryptids in Adventure Mode, exploring in your Private World, or battling for that next Overseer Rank in Nuclear Winter, you will rake in three times as much XP as you normally would. If you've been considering starting a new character in preparation for Wastelanders, then this event is the perfect time to make your way out of Vault 76."


Bethesda's been showing off its Wastelanders events recently to get players ready for that content, so bonus experience events like this one should have players better prepared for Wastelanders by the time it releases. The game's also coming to Steam on the same day Wastelanders releases, and some players will be able to get that Steam version of the game for free.