Fallout 76 Previews New Nuka-World Update

Following Fallout 76's big update focusing on The Pitt, Bethesda is ready to start previewing what's coming next with the Nuka-World on Tour update now heading to the game's test servers. Like the additions included in The Pitt, this update will offer new content while also doubling as a callback for some of the most familiar parts of past Fallout experiences. That's the ever-present Nuka-Cola brand in this case with the Nuka-World update scheduled to enter testing on October 13th.

Bethesda has talked about this Nuka-World on Tour update a few times in the past, but for those who haven't been keeping up with all the news, the latest Inside the Vault post from the Fallout 76 creators offered a concise overview of what's planned. There's a "Most Wanted" event where players participate in an Old West shootout, a Tunnel of Love that sure sounds like it's neither empty nor loving, and a wheel to be spun that bears rewards for whoever can best its challenges.

An arcade will naturally be added as part of the Nuka-World festivities where players can play minigames in exchange for points redeemable for rewards, and there's also something called the "Ultracite Titan" which players will have to best.

"Pete has been hard at work trying to repair the air filters throughout the carnival, but the parts he needs are scattered deep within the earth in an abandoned mineshaft," Bethesda said. "He's also convinced that a massive creature has made its home down there. Pete is hoping that some keen Dwellers can investigate, and then launch an attack that's powerful enough to blast the fiend to smithereens from afar. However, those who undertake this dangerous task should keep in mind that if the monster survives, then a direct confrontation with the beast will be unavoidable."

Nuka-Cola content aside, the update will also bring about the convenient free cam feature whenever players are building things in their C.A.M.P. settlements. As the name suggests, this will allow players to view things beyond their character's perspective by flying around the build area and through objects to make sure you're getting all your components and constructs places as precisely as you'd like.


Fallout 76's Nuka-World on Tour update heads to the test servers on October 13th.