Fallout 76 Adds New Content from The Pitt

After first treating Fallout 76 players to some content featuring Fallout 3's The Pitt, Bethesda is back with another mission for players to complete within that industrial, dangerous region. This content comes in the form of the second quest set within The Pitt as Bethesda continues to roll out more of these while players familiarize themselves with the new Expeditions feature. Fallout 76's new Pitt mission is now out in the game's test servers for players to preview, but it hasn't come to live servers just yet.

Like we saw last time whenever the first mission from The Pitt called "Union Dues" was added, Bethesda shared a brief rundown of this latest mission called "From Ashes to Fire" to prep players for what it entails. You can find those notes below courtesy of the PTS post about the new content:

The Pitt Mission 2: "From Ashes to Fire"

  • As you touch down in The Pitt, you will be tasked with contacting Danilo, an elusive former Fanatic Raider who is looking to absolve himself of his shady past by doing what he can to aid the Union.
    • "From Ashes to Fire" will send you on a rescue mission deep in the heart of Sanctum, a former Union stronghold that has been taken over by ruthless Fanatics.
    • With Danilo's guidance, you will need to prepare an escape path for captive Union members, free as many of them as you can, and then raise some mayhem within Sanctum to hit the Fanatics where it hurts.
    • Along the way, you will experience several new locations, including the hazardous Trench, Sanctum, and the dark and narrow tunnels of the Catacombs.
  • Fanatics won't be the only threat you'll face during this Mission! Keep your guard up, because ferocious Trogs will be poised to attack any humans that cross their path. Don't forget your anti-rad gear, either, because the Trench only grows deadlier after sunset.

While the content featuring The Pitt will already look familiar to Fallout 76 players who played Fallout 3, too, there are more Easter eggs probably still yet to be discovered, so keep an eye out for those in this new mission.