Fallout 76 Update Tests New Steel Dawn Content

Fallout 76 got an update not long ago that fixed a bunch of bugs without adding much new content, but it did help lay the groundwork for future Steel Dawn content. That update is the one that’ll help usher in the Brotherhood of Steel when the faction comes in full to the Fallout 76 setting for the first time, and starting now, players can preview some of that new content. The Fallout 76 test servers have been updated with new Steel Dawn quests and rewards, and if you’ve got a PC and access to the servers, you can try everything out now.

The Steel Dawn update has been previewed to be a large one with lots of new items and quests for players to unravel, so with this being the first big preview of Steel Dawn content, don’t expect to see everything laid out for you and the Brotherhood stomping around everywhere right away. Instead, some quests have been enabled that players can participate in if they’re a high enough level, and a bunch of items have been added that players can access right away.

To participate in the Steel Dawn quests, you have to be at least level 20. Head to the Fort ATLAS location while following the “Welcome to a Neighborhood” quest instructions to begin.

As for the new items, Bethesda said it added a pre-made character to the test server accounts that contains all the items added in this test server update. That character is level 50 and has plenty of supplies and resources to get what they want so that you can go crazy testing things as soon as you load in. Everything below is included in the pre-made character provided to players.


Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Items

  • Gold Bullion Price Reduction (PTS Only)
    • Mod plans for new weapons and armor can be purchased from Gold Bullion Vendors. In the PTS, we’ve reduced the prices of Gold Bullion Item Plans to just 1 Gold Bullion each, so that you can try out the new mods more easily.
  • Weapons
    • Crusader Pistol – Semi-auto pistol that can be modded to deal various damage types. Mod Plans are available from Regs in Vault 79.
    • Plasma Cutter – One-handed melee weapon that can be modded to deal various damage types. Mod Plans are available from Regs in Vault 79.
    • Hellstorm Missile Launcher – Explosive weapon that can be modded to deal various damage types. Mod Plans are available from Regs in Vault 79.
  • Armor
    • Brotherhood Recon Armor – Sturdy armor set including Helmet, Chest, Arm, and Leg pieces. Mod Plans are available from Reginald in Vault 79.
    • Apparel
    • Swamp Camo Hazmat Suit
    • X-01 Scorched Power Armor Paint
    • Jaguar Pant Suit
    • Tulip Sky Blue PAnt Suit
    • Communist Commander Outfit
  • A.M.P. Objects
    • Poodle Sleeping Bag - Beds
    • Princess Castle Sleeping Bag – Beds
    • Crowd Bench Seats - Chairs
    • Brahmin Plushie– Floor Décor
    • Musket Stack Monument – Floor Décor
    • Super Mutant Tube – Floor Décor
    • Asylum Lights – Lights
    • Red Truck Ceiling Lights – Lights
    • “Open” Neon Sign - Lights
    • “Hello” Neon Sign - Lights
    • Meat Bag Stash Box – Stash Boxes
    • Condemned Warning Sign – Wall Décor
    • Emmett Mountain Disposal Signs – Wall Décor
    • Molerat Wind Chime – Wall Décor

The Steel Dawn update will come to Fallout 76 some time during Winter 2020, so look for more insights into the update and test server previews like this one as we get closer to the update’s launch.