Fallout TV Show Leaks Reveal First Looks at Power Armor

Not long after images from the set of the new Fallout TV show showed off a familiar location apparently set to appear in the series, we've now gotten a preview of something much more recognizable: power armor. The armor that serves as an instant giveaway for anything related to Fallout will expectedly be present in the new Fallout series, and Fallout fans will be happy to hear that, from what's been shown already, it's looking like it'll be just as imposing as one would hope it'd be.

This latest Fallout leak actually came from not just one but multiple sources showing off different angles of the power armor units apparently being constructed for the show. One image shared on July 22nd by Twitter user HunterWorldv2 who said the images had been sent to them showed off a partially obstructed view of some unfinished power armor sitting around waiting to be used.

After that one was shared online, yet another power armor leak was posted on Reddit where the user Fruhmann said they, too, had been sent a set photo from the Fallout show. This one showed the power armor actually being constructed for the series, and while the perspective of the legs being up close to the camera certainly makes it seem larger than it is, it's evident that the power armor is still quite sizable.

Fallout TV series

As Fallout players may tell you, power armor has changed over the course of the games both in its design and its outward appearance, and from the looks of these leaked photos at least, it looks like the Fallout show may be skewing more towards the power armor seen in Fallout 4. Power armor in Fallout 3, for example, was smaller and looked more like armor attached to a player. The power armor present in Fallout 4 was very much designed to be like a mechanized, armored suit players stepped into. The exosuit design is one that was received well after it was presented to players in Fallout 4, so it makes sense that it'd be adopted in Amazon's Fallout show, too.

We don't yet have a release date for this new series, but recent teases from its leads have confirmed that filming is now underway.