Far Cry 6 May Bring Back Vaas

Far Cry 6 is rumored to be in development for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, and it [...]

Far Cry 6 is rumored to be in development for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, and it may bring back the series' most recognizable character and one of the most iconic villains in video games: Vaas Montenegro, the main antagonist of Far Cry 3, the best entry in the popular open-world action series to date. During a recent Reddit AMA, Michael Mando -- the talented actor who brought the character to life -- teased he may reprise his role as Vaas "very soon."

"Vaas is my spirit animal - having co-created that character is something that will always be dear to me," said Mando when asked if he gets recognized as the villain. "I still get recognized as Vaas, and I still feel the outpouring of love for that character - makes me very happy. Who knows... maybe I will reprise the role very soon? :p"

As you can see, the tease isn't a definitive confirmation the character is coming back, but it is a pretty big wink. That said, who knows what form the return will be in. For example, there's no way to say if this is for a new game, or something less exciting, like a short film on the project, a movie, or the character appearing in some other Ubisoft game.

If it's the former, it could be a lot of things. It could be a remake of Far Cry 3. It could also be a new Far Cry game that's a prequel to the events of Far Cry 3 where Vaas is once again the villain. Or maybe it will be a prequel where we play as the character.

far cry vaas
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Given the events of Far Cry 3, it's safe to assume that if it's a new Far Cry game, it won't be a direct sequel to Far Cry 3's story.

As alluded to, Far Cry 6 has not been confirmed, at least at the moment of publishing. However, a report from a reliable source back in February claimed not only is it in development, but releasing soon. And this makes sense, after all, Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft's best-selling game of this generation, so it's probably eager to get a proper installment out, especially after Far Cry New Dawn flopped last year.