Far Cry 6 Trailer Introduces Players to Chicharron

With Far Cry 6 just under a week away now, Ubisoft put out another trailer for the game to introduce players to another one of the game's Fangs for Hire. This time, the animal featured is Chicharrón, the punk rooster who players are able to recruit in the game to help them during their revolution against Antón Castillo. Chicharrón is just one of several animal companions players can recruit, too, so there will be plenty more to look forward to.

The new trailer for Chicharrón titled "Chicharrón Run" can be seen below and appears to serve as an origin story for the rooster. The animal was apparently being used as a combatant in cockfighting rings until he and escaped before eventually meeting up with Dani, the protagonist of Far Cry 6 who's seen later in the video.

During our hands-on preview of Far Cry 6, we encountered Chicharrón ourselves and were able to recruit him to join our cause after completing a series of quests related to the animal companion. These Fangs for Hire are classified as "Amigos" within Far Cry 6 and come in a number of different forms such as Chicharrón the rooster, another companion that's a gator, and a dog we've seen before named Chorizo.

You can see some footage of Chicharrón and the gator, Guapo, within the video at the very top of the story. Aside from simply being different animals, the Amigos in Far Cry 6 have unique combat attributes that set them apart from others, so they'll be able to mesh well with players' playstyles depending on who you want to bring with you. All of the Amigos in the game are animals, however, so while you'll naturally sometimes have human NPCs joining you for certain missions, the animals will be the only ones you can dismiss and direct through the Amigos system.

While these Amigos will join players in their journeys, at least one of them will also play a pivotal part in the upcoming Far Cry 6 DLC. That animal would be Chorizo who manages to get himself lost in the Stranger Things world known as the Upside Down. It's quite the crossover, and it's just one part of Ubisoft's plans for Far Cry 6 DLC.


Far Cry 6 is scheduled to release on October 7th at which point players will be able to befriend all the Amigos themselves.