'Far Cry New Dawn' Mocks President Trump's Space Force

Ubisoft and Far Cry 5 infamously made fun of President Donald Trump's alleged 'pee tape,' so [...]

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Ubisoft and Far Cry 5 infamously made fun of President Donald Trump's alleged "pee tape," so perhaps it should come as no surprise that its spin-off -- Far Cry New Dawn -- is seemingly taking more digs at the President.

More specifically, Far Cry New Dawn apparently makes references to Space Force, a Trump-proposed branch of the United States Armed Forces that is intended to have control over military operations in outer space. In other words, if you thought the controversial takes on modern politics was over in Far Cry 5, well, you're wrong, though it's likely not as heavy-handed this time around.

The Space Force name is notably included on some of the weapons in the game that was shown off to press recently. But according to Creative Director Jean-Sebastien Decant, the reference is nothing more than "a joke," and isn't a comment on President Trump or a political take at all, despite it seeming very much like the latter.

"So I think it is not a comment. It is a joke," explained Decant while speaking to Game Revolution. "We really went crazy with the different suits you can gather in the game. So there is the reality of space and the conflict with the twins, but in terms of what you can wear in the game, we really went bats*** crazy. So you can disguise as an ape, you can have a robot arm, and you can have Space Force stuff."

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(Photo: Ubisoft via Game Revolution)

"We just wanted to have cool gear that you can wear in this game so you could be the person you wanted to be in that space," said Decant. "That's how you get Space Force gear."

When further prodded by Game Revolution whether it was a direct reference to Donald Trump, Decant continued to play coy and stick with the "joke" explanation.

"Space is cool, right? And Space Force is the dream. So now you can now play that in Far Cry New Dawn. No, no. It's a joke. I mean, it's really a joke."

Seems like a very calculated, if not pointed, joke, but more so than revealing the political stances of the development team, it teases how just over-the-top Far Cry New Dawn promises to be.

Far Cry New Dawn is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is slated to release worldwide on February 15, priced at $39.99 USD. For more coverage on the game, click here.