Female 'God of War' Cosplayer Crushes This Kratos Cosplay

Kratos may have undergone some incredible changes with the latest entry into the God of War franchise, but one thing remains: He's still a badass. So when Suicide Girls model 'Octokuro' put her own sexier spin on the character, of course the badassery continued in the most epic of ways.

Though many might point out the design of the clothes, the original Kratos in the PS4 remake was similarly donned: Chest bared with Axe in-tow.

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God of war female cosplay😍🔥

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From the paint design, to the contacts used, this cosplayer absolutely nailed this Kratos genderbend. Afterall, cosplay is for everyone and it's an incredible way for fans to share their love for their favorite characters with the world and that's exactly what this cosplayer did.

You can see more of her incredible work on her website right here, just be warned that a lot of it is of mature content. We recommend being 18-years or older before perusing the rest of her portfolio.

Thoughts on this Kratos take? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and be sure to check out our Cosplay Hub here for even more incredible fan designs!


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