FIFA 18 For Nintendo Switch Looks Great, Even Compared To Xbox One

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts made a surprising announcement when it said it would support the Nintendo Switch with a new FIFA game, marking the first time it's released a game for a Nintendo platform in pretty much a few years. But some players were skeptical as to how their version of the hit soccer game would turn out, especially with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions getting so many features.

But rest easy, soccer fans. A team by the name of Direct-Feed Games has posted a comparison video of the game in action on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, as a comparison to see if there are that many stark differences between the two. And we're happy to report that there are not.

As you can see from the video, which we've posted above, the frame rate is very smooth on both versions, and the animations look like they run very smoothly. Granted, we are looking at an aerial view and not right on the field, but that's a default view that a lot of users like utilizing anyway, so that should suit them just fine.

With that, there's still the question of how the game runs in handheld mode, but it doesn't look like that many details are lost in that set-up either. After all, EA Sports knows that a lot of soccer fans will be taking their soccer game on the go – maybe even to a soccer match itself.

The Switch version has been the subject of criticism for some time, but it looks like everything's coming up aces with it so far. And producer Adrei Lazarescu even addressed such criticisms, noting, "Although I've talked about it, and that team has talked about it, people see us as being biased. So hey, try it, and everyone who tries it says… 'OK, I'm going to get this.' We need people to get their hands on it

"That's the frustrating thing about it. I wouldn't put this against the PS4 or Xbox One version, or vice versa, I would look at them as two individual football games. This one's biggest advantage is that you can play it on the go."

It's looking like a great version. We'll let you know once we post our review next week.


In the meantime, you can get your kicks with FIFA 18 when it releases tomorrow for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.