FIFA 18 Gets World Cup Content Next Month, For Free

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is this summer, or in other words, soon all anyone is going to be talking about is soccer.

To capitalize on World Cup fever, Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that it's bringing the world's biggest sports phenomena to FIFA 18, and it won't cost you a penny.

On May 29th, FIFA 18 will add a free 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia content update that will deliver the complete and official tourney experience, featuring authentic teams, stadiums, kits, badges, official match ball, and of course the official tournament bling (the winner's trophy).

The update will enable players to choose one of the 32 qualified nations – which unfortunately for EA marketing doesn't feature the United States of America (as well as some other notable teams like Chile and Italy) – and then play through the authentic tournament structure, from the early group stage craziness all the way to final in Moscow.

In addition to online friendlies and online tournament modes, there will also be a custom tournament mode that allows players to select any licensed national team (such as the ones listed above) to create their own unique tourney, featuring even non-qualified nations.

The update will also come packed with 12 brand-new and atmospheric stadiums from Russia, featuring authentic team banners and pitch environments. You can read and see more of said stadiums here.

The game's most popular mode, Ultimate Team, will see some attention as well, with a revised chemistry system and dynamic player items related to the real-world tournament to build your dream international squad. Additionally, FIFA World Cup Icons will be added, aka some of the the most iconic players in the tournament's history will be introduced into the mode.


The update is poised to arrive on May 29th for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It is also coming to FIFA Mobile for a limited time a week later on June 6th. As for last-generational consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360, they will not getting the update.

For more information on the update and all of its bells and whistles, click here. And in case you didn't read the headline or the rest of the article, all of the new content is 100 percent completely free.