Pro FIFA 20 Player Loses On Terrible Disallowed Goal

It can be hard to be a fan of professional sports. It's bad enough watching players make crucial mistakes, but when your team loses as a result of a blown call by an official, like, say, a foot in the goal crease when that used to be against the rules, it can be kind of infuriating. Typically, video games and esports are exempt from this sort-of thing, because there's less room for human error. However, every once in a while, a game will have a glitch that causes big problems. Giuseppe Guastella can certainly attest to that, as he was eliminated from the FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup North American qualifiers thanks to an incorrect call that was made in-game.

During Guastella's final penalty kick in the game, video clearly shows the ball hitting inside the back of the net. For all intents and purposes, it should have been counted, and Guastella should have won the match. For whatever reason, the game didn't allow the goal. It's an unfortunate error, but what doesn't make sense, is the fact that administrators sided with the game's error, resulting in Guastella's ouster. According to Guastella, admins claimed they "have to obey the game's decision."

The decision is baffling to say the least, and Guastella has every right to be upset about it. The pro FIFA player took to Twitter to discuss the decision that knocked him out of the tournament, blasting EA's multiple issues with the game.

While Guastella's disallowed goal is clearly a PR disaster for the tournament, it's just another issue that plagued the FUT Champions Cup over the weekend. During the qualifiers, a number of players experienced server issues, resulting in one player defaulting, and another pair of players were forced to play rock-paper-scissors to decide their match.


As the popularity of esports continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to make sure problems like these don't become prevalent. While bad calls are very much a part of professional sports, frequent problems such as these can hurt the credibility of games like FIFA, or even esports in general.

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