Final Fantasy 16 Producer Teases Trailer and Release Date News

It seems like we won't have to wait long to see a new glimpse of Final Fantasy XVI. The Final Fantasy series is one of the most beloved franchises in gaming, largely being one of the most well-respect JRPGs out there. Almost every mainline entry follows a new set of characters in a new location, dealing with some new threat. It keeps the series feeling varied and fresh while still sustaining the things people love about these games. With Final Fantasy XV, the series moved to real-time combat as opposed to turn-based and appears to be the future of the mainline releases going forward as Final Fantasy XVI is doubling down on these systems.

Fans are anxiously awaiting more information on Final Fantasy XVI as it looks to be yet another unique entry in the series. It has already established its exceptionally dark tone and seems to be aiming for an M-rating, a first for the series. Naturally, fans want to see how this new approach will pan out. After a rather lengthy wait, producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed at Tokyo Game Show 2022 that fans will get a new Final Fantasy XVI trailer around next month, meaning we'll probably see it in October or November. After that trailer is released, the next wave of information is expected to also include the game's official release date, meaning we're likely going to have to wait a while to know when we can play it.

Either way, fans already know the game is expected to release in Q3 2023, so as long as there's no delay in sight, we still have a general idea of when Final Fantasy XVI will release. It's unclear if this trailer will drop at some kind of event or if it's just expected to release online on some random day. Given fans were hoping for some news on the game at TGS 2022, it's nice to know when we can actually expect to see more of the game.

FInal Fantasy XVI is slated to release on PS5 in 2023. Are you excited for the game? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.