Square Enix Previews 3 Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Themes

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases next month with several different special editions available as well as other bonuses like dynamic themes for the PlayStation 4. If you are planning on pre-ordering the game ahead of its release – or you just want to try it by downloading the demo – you have a shot at getting some of those themes to adorn your console’s home menu. Square Enix offered a preview of three different dynamic themes this week to give players a taste of what’s waiting for them if they pre-order the game or give the demo a shot before a certain date.

Of the three dynamic themes showed off this week, only one of them actually requires players to buy the game. The Sephiroth dynamic theme is available to anyone who pre-orders the game through Amazon, so those who’ve got their pre-orders booked through another retailer will have to just pick up one of the other two themes.

Thankfully, getting both of the other themes is pretty simple. One of them will be released for free for all PlayStation 4 users while the other is available for anyone who downloads the demo before May 11th. With how easily acquirable these themes are, Final Fantasy VII players could very well end up with all three, assuming they pre-order through Amazon.

Each of the themes in question can be seen below.


These aren’t the only themes available either. Square Enix previously revealed two more themes, one of which celebrates Final Fantasy XIV while the other is all about Tifa Lockheart, one of the most popular characters from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on April 10th for the PlayStation 4.