Final Fantasy 7 Remake Closet Cosplay Perfectly Captures One of the Game's New Characters

Final Fantasy VII Remake has only been out for a few short days, but the game has already proven to be a very big hit with fans. While the game will no doubt inspire plenty of cosplayers over the next few years, one woman has already gone viral for her perfect take on a minor character from the game. When Reddit poster GrinitD sent his mother a picture of Mireille Dudley, noting the resemblance, the woman replied with a photo of herself cosplaying as the character, using items she had around her house! Dudley isn't a particularly major character in the game, but it's still an impressive effort.

It might seem a bit unusual that the cosplayer had all of the necessary items on-hand, but according to GrinitD, his mother volunteers with the gardening at a local park, and her gardening attire just so happened to work perfectly. Of course, it's not just the outfit that really works in the photo, it's also the fact that she made sure to include flowers, and had the photo taken in the same position as Mireille Dudley. The attention to detail truly sells it!

GrinitD's initial post featuring the closet cosplay has proven to be a huge hit on Reddit, where it currently has a 94% upvoted status. Posters have clearly taken a liking to the cosplayer's take on the character, with many leaving words of encouragement.

Sent a picture of a Final Fantasy 7 character to my mum thinking she looked like her, she recreated the look and pretty much nailed it from r/gaming

Final Fantasy VII Remake adds a lot more depth to some of the events in the original game. As a result, several characters have been added that weren't in the original title. Mireille Dudley is just one of those new characters that players encounter in the remake. Dudley lives in the Sector 5 slums, helping Cloud and Aerith solve problems in the area. Of course, Square Enix will eventually release a follow-up, so it will be interesting if the new characters that appear in that game will inspire equally fun cosplay opportunities!


Final Fantasy VII Remake is a timed exclusive currently available on the PlayStation 4.

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