Square Enix Unsure How Many Games Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be

Expect to play the last part of Final Fantasy VII Remake with your grandchildren, because it [...]

Expect to play the last part of Final Fantasy VII Remake with your grandchildren, because it sounds like it could be many, many years before the ambitious project wraps up with its final episodic release. In fact, Square Enix doesn't even know itself how many parts the remake will span. When you consider that the first part, which is hitting PS4 next March, is only about 20 percent of the original, that seems to suggest the remake will span anywhere from three to five games.

Now, Square Enix has said in the past that future parts won't take as long to develop, so it shouldn't take four years for future parts to release like this one has. So, for the sake of a quick thought experiment, let's say each part takes three years. That means, if everything goes well and the remake is only three parts, we won't see the project finished until 2026. If it's four parts, it will be 2029. And if it's five parts, it won't wrap until 2032. Now, these are just estimations, but it does get the point across: and that point is that we probably won't see the remake finish for quite some time.

Square Enix has noted in the past that the remake dives deeper into the game's world and characters. It's more of a full realization of the original vision than a one-for-one of the original game. In other words, rather than simply remake a game from 1997, they are making Final Fantasy VII Remake as if they were making it in the modern day. According to Square Enix, each part will be like a standalone Final Fantasy game. Again, all of this suggests we won't be see the project finished for awhile.

Part one of Final Fantasy VII Remake is poised to release on March 3, 2020 via the PlayStation 4. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of any additional ports beyond PS5.

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