For Honor's Fiery Limited-Time Event Begins With New Trailer

For Honor’s seventh season has brought the start of a limited-time event called Reigning Inferno [...]

For Honor's seventh season has brought the start of a limited-time event called Reigning Inferno that's going on now until the end of the month.

Part of the Storm and Fury season, the limited-time event that began just a few days ago introduces a new game mode called Infernal Dominion. This game mode has slightly different rules than the normal Dominion matches with rings of fire posing threats to players and new buffs available to gain the upper hand in combat.

Ubisoft kicked off the event with the trailer above that shows parts of the game mode as well as a new cosmetic that players can get, a fiery headpiece called the Reigning Inferno Mask that's available for all Heroes. A preview of that mask was shown later on Twitter to show what Heroes' emotes, executions, and various poses would look like with the flaming mask on.

"For Honor Season VII: Storm and Fury is heating up with a limited-time event, Reigning Inferno," Ubisoft's preview of the For Honor event said. "Experience the Infernal Dominion game mode and earn exclusive in-game rewards, including new fire-themed weapons, outfits, ornaments and masks. During the second week, players can pick up the Reigning Inferno Bundle, which includes the mask outfit, emote, ornament, and battle outfit for their Hero. Check it out from August 16-30."

There's also a new Order that's completable for more Steel, but that challenge is about to end. It's scheduled to end today on August 19, but since this is just the start of the event, players can likely expect more For Honor Orders to be held throughout the rest of Reigning Inferno to help earn additional Steel and other items.

Even though the first Order is about to end, the game mode that's new to For Honor will remain playable throughout the remainder of the event, Ubisoft said. This game mode will end on August 30 along with the rest of the event, so players have just over 10 days to complete the rest of the Orders that are to come.

For Honor's Reigning Fire is live now and ends on August 30.