For Honor Reveals New Marching Fire Hero Gameplay

Ubisoft’s latest For Honor video reveals a new look at the Wu Lin Heroes coming in the Marching [...]

Ubisoft's latest For Honor video reveals a new look at the Wu Lin Heroes coming in the Marching Fire expansion along with the new Arcade Mode that's coming in the same update.

The video starts with the Nuxia, one of four Heroes belonging to the Wu Lin faction. Expanding the game's existing factions to a total of four different groups, the Wu Lin faction is the first post-launch division of Heroes to be added. A nimble fighter with hooked blades that can deflect enemies' attacks, the new gameplay shows a first look at the Nuxia's moves.

"The Nuxia is a deadly assassin who's rocking dual hook swords," Ubisoft's narration of the gameplay explained. "Most assassins are comfortable up close and personal but constantly moving in and out of attack range. The Nuxia's zone attacks sees her hooking her swords together and swinging them around to inflict damage from a long range."

Outside of her long-distance zone attack, the Nuxia also uses the smaller blades on her swords to unleash a flurry of close-range attacks. The swords can also be used to lock down an opponent's weapon and leave them wide open for an attack.

The Jiang Jun was also previewed in the gameplay reveal, a Hero who's on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Nuxia. A heavy Hero who uses a guandao to zone enemies, the fighter looks to be a challenge for players who don't properly manage their stamina.

"This big boy is a heavy Hero who's very good at swinging his giant guandao around," Ubisoft said. "So much so, in fact, that all of his attacks are actually zone attacks. This added area of effect comes at a pretty steep stamina cost, so try not to waste your attacks."

If the Jiang Jun does find himself out of stamina, he can fall back on his Sifu Poise to regenerate it quickly while still moving about to dodge attacks. The gameplay video shows that he regains his strength quite quickly when in the pose, but it also shows how much stamina his attacks will drain. Sticking with the stamina theme, he also has an ability that follows a successful parry that allows him to grab an enemy and drain their stamina.

The rest of the video focuses on the Arcade Mode that'll be added in the Marching Fire update as well. This mode can either be played solo or in co-op with rewards that carry over to all multiplayer modes.

Marching Fire releases as a free update for all players on October 16.