Fornite Reaches New Audience Heights, And Announces A New Survival Mode

Things are looking good for Epic Games’ Fortnite.Following years of delays and questions as to [...]


Things are looking good for Epic Games' Fortnite.

Following years of delays and questions as to whether the game would come out, the publisher finally released it earlier this summer on consoles and PC, to rave reviews. In no time at all, it's become a big financial success, and Epic Games can't help but feel it's time to build upon that.

The company confirmed in a tweet earlier this weekend that the game has reached over one million players thus far, which is pretty good considering that it's only been out for technically a month or so. "Thank you to the first one million players!" the team announced. You can see the tweet below.

But there's more news where that came from. As you can see in the same tweet, the team is bringing a much-anticipated Survival mode to the game. "We heard you wanted a Survival mode," it noted. "It's coming August 29th." The mode will be a free update to the game, and though it hasn't been detailed yet, it will likely have you facing off against hordes of enemies while attempting to keep your structure intact.

The game supports up to four players in its exploits, so it would make sense for the survival mode to support it to some extent, so friends can team up and take on the hordes with their arsenal of weaponry. The question is how will structure building be tied into it. Fortunately, we won't have to wait long to find out.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.