New 14 Days of 'Fortnite' Challenge Reward Is a Dabbing Gingerbread Man

The “14 Days of Fortnite” event is still moving right along with the newest challenge awarding [...]

The "14 Days of Fortnite" event is still moving right along with the newest challenge awarding those who complete it with a Gingerbread Pet who celebrates eliminations by dabbing.

New challenges appear every day throughout the 14-day event, and Day 7's challenge reward was revealed on Christmas Day when Epic Games showed off the new item. It's officially called the "Merry Munchkin" Pet and usually has a frown on its face with crossed arms, but it knows how to appreciate a good elimination and will respond in turn with a high-pitched squeal and a well-timed dab.

Fortnite players have already shared images of the item in-game after acquiring it to show what it looks like when it celebrates after an elimination. Unsurprisingly, it pairs well with the Merry Marauder gingerbread skin which players can purchase as a standalone item.

Merry Munchkin dabs when you get a kill from r/FortNiteBR

For anyone who wants to add the Merry Munchkin Pet to their collection, all they have to do is finish the Day 7 challenge that's now completable. Different challenges task players with actions such as visiting locations or using certain items, and this challenge calls for the latter by requiring players to use either Boogie Bombs or Presents. Using one or both of those a combined total of seven times will unlock the reward.

Boogie Bombs are the grenade item which causes players to dance when they're in the blast radius, but those have been a known force in Fortnite since they were added just over a year ago. The Presents, however, are a much newer addition to Fortnite with that item being added on Sunday. This item, when used, creates a big present with destructible walls, and inside that structure is a collection of loot players can pick up. Using this item now that the Day 7 challenge is active will not only give players loot but will also help them progress through the challenge to get the Merry Munchkin Pet.

Finding these Presents might be difficult though since it's a Legendary item, but players can use this handy map with different chest locations marked to quickly find Presents and finish the challenge.

The 14 Days of Fortnite challenges persist into the next day, so players don't have to complete it on December 25th to acquire the Merry Munchkin Pet.