Epic Games Says Fortnite Accuracy Issue Should Be Fixed Next Patch

Epic Games recently responded to a frustration concerning weapon accuracy in Fortnite by saying that several issues should be fixed in the next patch that affects reticule bloom on projectile weapons.

A post was submitted to the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit where a player posed a question to Epic Games related to the GIF above that shows a reticule bloom on a weapon occurring even when the player is stationary. The whole point of the post was to ask why the bloom – the expansion of a reticule that usually occurs when moving – was even necessary when standing still, a time that accuracy should be mostly at its peak.

Epic Games responded to the post by saying that there a couple of issues at work in the GIF, all of which come together to create the situation where a near-perfect stationary shot can still miss.

"Thanks for posting this. There were three separate issues that (when combined) cause this to happen," a representative from Epic Games said. "I just checked in a fix and it should no longer happen after the next update. Sorry about that."

Following the explanation from Epic Games was the inevitable question about what the separate issues were that were resulting in the weapon bloom shown in the GIF. Epic Games responded again by providing a list of issues that cause the bloom problem and affects accuracy, issues that should be resolved in the next patch.

  • It is supposed to have first-shot accuracy when aiming. That value was not set correctly (this is the biggest issue). So now it will be enabled.
  • The accuracy reticle UI does not match the actual accuracy of the gun (it shows slightly more accurate). This will be adjusted to match.
  • Because of the last issue, the aiming accuracy value was set to lower than it should've been. So aiming will also be more accurate in the cases where you don't have first-shot accuracy.

The comment from also Epic Games added that there are parts of the change that are unable to be hotfixed, circumstances that prevented the problems from being fixed prior to the next patch being released.

The most recent Fortnite update that was released was V.3.1.0, the patch that added the Hunting Rifle to the Battle Royale mode and adjusted the drop rates of the various weapon rarities for the Burst Assault Rifle, Revolver, and Tactical Shotgun. The release date for the next patch has not been announced.