Limited-Time Fortnite Community Event Rewards Players With a Weapon Skin

Fortnite players who are playing the game throughout the holidays and into the weekend now have [...]

Fortnite players who are playing the game throughout the holidays and into the weekend now have the opportunity to work together to complete a new community quest. Epic Games announced on Thursday that this Autumn Queen's Quest event is live now and will take place until December 1st, an even that tasks players with working together with others to progress towards a goal. If the goal is met, players who participated in the event will get a unique animated weapon skin.

Perfectly themed with the holiday season, this event will show Fortnite players how thankful they are for their teammates. Players will earn points by playing with others and helping their teammates in matches with different actions earning them varying amounts of points. These actions include healing allies with the Bandage Bazooka, reviving teammates, and playing matches with friends.

The breakdown of the points distribution for each of these quest actions can be seen below, and judging from the amounts of points each action divvies out, Fortnite players will have to get busy if they want to reach the goal. It'll take 2,500,000,000 points to unlock the weapon skin with the most points any one action gives out being five points for winning a match with a friend.

Autumn Queen's Quest Actions/Rewards

  • Heal allies with the Bandage Bazooka - 1 point per 1HP healed
  • Revive a teammate - 2 points
  • Play a match with a Friend - 5 points

"Earning points is all about coming together as a community," Epic Games said about the event in a post on the company's site. "Play at least one match between 10am ET on November 28 and 8pm ET on December 1 to be eligible for the reward. If the community reaches 2,500,000,000 points by 8pm ET on December 1, the Falling Leaf Wrap reward will be granted to eligible accounts by December 6."

That's a lot of points to amass before the event's end, but it doesn't sound so bad when you think of how often those actions happen. Just make sure you're a team player during the event by using the Bandage Bazooka and picking up your downed teammates and you'll earn multiple points per match by doing those things a few times. Play a match with a full squad of four players and you've already got 20 points towards the total goal right there.

Fortnite's new event is live now and will be until December 1st.