'Fortnite' Shares Iron Man Teaser for 'Avengers: Endgame' Event

One day before Epic Games’ big Avengers: Endgame event will come to Fortnite, another teaser has been shared to preview what’s to come. What’s likely going to be the final teaser shared shows one of the game’s many skins that’s equipped with part of Iron Man’s iconic suit. The teaser’s one of the most revealing ones yet, but we won’t know the full details on what Epic Games has planned for the event until later.

The image below was shared on Fortnite’s Twitter account, right on schedule with the way that Epic Games has teased the crossover event in the past. Following the first two teasers that were released before and showed Captain America’s shield as well as Thor’s Stormbreaker weapon, both of which will expectedly be huge parts of Avengers: Endgame, we’ve now completed then trifecta for the core cast of the Avengers.

There are at least two theories for what Epic Games might be teasing with these images regarding the specifics of the event. Seeing the way that one of the Fortnite skins held Thor’s weapon gave some credence to the idea that Avengers gear might find its way into Fortnite’s item shop. The game’s already got tons of skins and pickaxe variants to choose from, but Avengers outfits and accessories could easily become the game’s most profitable collection.

The second theory is that, like the Thanos event from before, players will be able to find and use these Avengers props during some kind of event. Thanos will likely make a return if that’s the case, and the Avengers weapons will give players a new way to take him down.

Each of the tweets so far has teased the same date of April 25th, so expect to see more information from Epic Games and likely the release of the event on Thursday. After taking part in the event, Avengers fans can go catch early showings of the movie that night or head out for its full release on April 26th.



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