Fortnite Fans React To Batman Crossover

Today, moments after the Fortnite x Batman official trailer went live, the new Batman crossover in Fortnite went live as well, adding Gotham City to the game, plus a range of cosmetics, all of which you can check out right here. That said, while the crossover is a bit light content wise, fans are absolutely eating up, which isn't very surprising, it's Batman after all. As you'd expect, there's a lot of hype for the new skins, which include two premium Batman skins, as well as a Catwoman skin, but there's also a lot of excitement over the new Gotham City location, plus all of the smaller touches the crossover features that DC Comics fans can appreciate it.

Usually when a Fortnite crossover happens, it's pretty divisive, like most things on the Internet, but everyone seems to be in agreement that the new Batman crossover is great. In fact, the only real complaint I've seen is that people wish there was more of it. And of course, there could still be. I'm sure Epic Games has more left in the chamber.


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