'Fortnite' Player Performs Classic Christmas Song on Giant Piano

Fortnite players have been using the game’s giant pianos to recreate real songs the best that [...]

Fortnite players have been using the game's giant pianos to recreate real songs the best that they can, and one of the latest creations involved a player performing "All I Want for Christmas Is You" just in time for the holidays.

The Fortnite player by the name of UMadBroYolo shared the video above that showed 24 different characters jumping up and down on the piano keys in Fortnite to play the song in the battle royale game. Each of the different skin-wearing character models do their part while others in the background do battle against one another.

While it starts out with just the characters jumping on the piano, it eventually incorporates some of the wintery elements added at the start of Season 7 as well. New skins and the snowy background are accompanied by noises from different weapons to emphasize parts of the song.

The Fortnite player's title for the video may say that there were 24 players taking part in this endeavor, but it was actually just the video's creator who recorded themselves jumping on different parts of the piano and then edited all the footage together. The video creator indicated as much when the content was shared on Reddit after they replied to a user's comment to say that they "gotta make the title interesting." Others asked how they coordinated the whole endeavor and they joked about teamwork before saying it was just a lot of editing.

Even without 24 different players being coordinated to perform the song, it's still an impressive project that the content creator said took quite a bit of time. People pointed out that the player was playing on the piano found near Retail Row with the destruction in the background revealed the dated footage, and the video's creator said that they'd started recording the footage for the project more than a month ago.

This song performance is far from the first time Fortnite players have recreated their favorite songs on the game's pianos though. Among Fortnite's many content creators, many of them have channels filled with different piano performances where players bounce on those keys to make music. Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" is one such song that players performed on the piano, a performance in which it was only a matter of time before players got to that hit sing-a-long song.