'Fortnite' Cube Theory Says Tilted Towers Is in Danger

Fortnite players once again think that Tilted Towers could be in danger, this time because of the [...]

Fortnite players once again think that Tilted Towers could be in danger, this time because of the massive, purple cube that's moving around the map.

After appearing on the map, the cube that's flipping in different directions has been eliminating players who get caught in its path and granting shields to those who get near it. Some players even managed to get inside the cube at one point to see within the huge object that's left players bewildered as they try and figure out what its purpose is. It's now surrounded by a low-gravity zone that lets players take some floaty jumps, but a new theory suggests that it's eventually going to have something to do with Tilted Towers.

Strange runes have also been associated with the cube most recently, symbols that players have been trying to decipher to unravel their meaning. Compiling these runes into one post on the game's subreddit, a player by the Reddit name of acephalic attempted to move them around and see how they fit together. Some of them fit well while others didn't mesh quite as nicely, and commenters within the thread shared their opinions on what the runes looked to be portraying.

It was pointed out more than once that the runes resembled a map of Tilted Towers when organized in the right way. Following the first post, a second Redditor by the name of PuckRedflix created a visualization of the runes coming together to form a Tilted Towers map. Overlaying the runes with an overhead map of Tilted Towers, the player and others who commented on the post suggested that Tilted Towers is once again in the crosshairs for some type of change, possibly total destruction.

Tilted is going to be destroyed. Thanks to the guy who tried to combine runes, we solved it everybody.. from r/FortNiteBR

This wouldn't be the first time that Tilted Towers' demise has been foreshadowed though. Since the addition of the urban battleground, Epic Games has teased its destruction more than once. The most recent rocket launch that opened a huge rift in the sky, for example, even saw the rocket spiraling straight down towards Tilted Towers before being teleported elsewhere.

Datamined files have indicated that the cube's got something to do with Loot Lake, so while that's expected at some point, it perhaps has Tilted Towers scheduled on its itinerary as well. Fortnite's tweet that contained a poll with two locations as the options has also encouraged some debate about if that's a teaser as well, but the fate of the map's locations and the cube remain to be seen.