Fortnite Leak All But Confirms Deathstroke Skin

It's looking like the popular mercenary from DC Comics, Deathstroke, could be on his way to the battlefields of Fortnite within the next few weeks. If a new leak is to be believed, the character is already going to be joining the game in one capacity very soon. But whether or not Deathstroke himself will be coming to the game soon after remains to be seen.

Within the ongoing Batman x Fortnite: Zero Point comic book series that is taking place, Deathstroke is slated to appear within the upcoming fourth issue. While an appearance by Deathstroke in this issue doesn't guarantee that he'll be coming to Fortnite on its own, the reward that Epic Games is giving out to those who have the comic is tied to him. Specifically, the reward that can be obtained for Fortnite from the fourth issue of Batman x Fortnite is a glider that Deathstroke utilizes. This item is redeemable via a code that comes with the comic book issue itself.

Although this glider's inclusion in Fortnite doesn't absolutely tell us that Deathstroke will be coming to the game, it seems like only a matter of time at this point until Epic Games reveals the character formally. After all, it would be rather odd to include one of the character's gliders in the game but then not bring Deathstroke himself over as well. In all likelihood, we should hear more from Epic on this front within the coming days or weeks.

Until that time, however, you can currently look to get your hands on Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn in Fortnite. The character rolled out just a few days ago in the game and is available across all platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. She also represents the second PlayStation character to join Fortnite alongside Kratos from the God of War franchise.


So what do you think about this situation? Would you be happy to see Deathstroke join Fortnite? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.