Fortnite and Destiny 2 Reportedly Crossing Over With Each Other

Fortnite and Destiny 2 are reportedly crossing over with each other, meaning both games will receive skins and content from the other title. Both Fortnite and Destiny 2 are some of the biggest live service games out there. Epic Games has been supporting Fortnite with massive new content drops on a regular basis from skins to grand-scale events that disrupt the entire way the game is seen. It's a really unique experience and one that has continued to evolve for half a decade. Bungie was one of the first developers in the console space to truly imagine a modern live service game, as Destiny was expected to have a "10 year plan", though it kind of crumbled when the developer created Destiny 2 which may be more in line with that initial vision.

With that said, the two revolutionary games will reportedly be crossing over with each other. According to GinsorKR on Twitter, some Fortnite skins were found in Destiny 2. They're actually incredibly cool looking skins, though it's unclear how they'll be incorporated into the Bungie game. Given Destiny 2 features individual pieces of armor that offer certain benefits, it's unknown if this is purely for cosmetics or if these will be part of some kind of larger quest. It's also rumored that Fortnite will get some Destiny 2 content as well, though nothing specific has been mentioned. A new Destiny 2 showcase is slated to take place on August 23rd, so it's likely this info will be announced there.

As of right now, it's unclear just how big this crossover will be in terms of content. Nevertheless, the fact that both games are essentially exchanging content is a new strategy. Usually, a brand will promote its newest product such as a film or game in Fortnite via some skins, but it's rare to see it go both ways. Of course, nothing has been confirmed so some, if not all, of this information could be incorrect so take it with a grain of salt.

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