Fortnite Players Break Dusty Divot Meteor With Shopping Cart


Fortnite players have figured out how to break open Dusty Divot's suspicious meteor, and the secret once again rests in the power of the Shopping Cart.

Despite being a known addition to the Fortnite map since the start of Season 4, the Dusty Divot meteor has been just as suspicious as ever with nobody knowing its exact purpose in the game. You can see that there's something inside of it, and just as was the case with the meteors that loomed over the map towards the end of Season 3, there are plenty of theories about what's inside.

But now, Fortnite players can check inside the meteor for themselves, assuming you have a Shopping Cart on-hand. Unfortunately, what you'll find is a bit disappointing since there doesn't appear to be anything inside of the meteor once you shatter it to bits with a high-speed Shopping Cart projectile. The video below shared on Reddit by the user named toxicgiraffe shows what happens when a meteor and Shopping Cart collide.

We broke the dusty meteor with a shopping cart! from r/FortNiteBR

The squad of Fortnite players strategically built a ramp just outside of the Dusty Divot meteor's location while leveling the wall in front of it to ensure a flawless entry. After flying down the ramp and steering into the meteor, the intergalactic rock explodes in a burst of orange to reveal absolutely nothing. There's nothing to be found inside of Dusty Divot's meteor, at least when it's opened this way.

We expect that this isn't the intended result of the interaction between the meteor and the new Shopping Carts. It's an underwhelming reveal for something that's been hyped up so much by players, so it's not hard to imagine that this interaction between the item and the map object is unintentional. Perhaps Epic Games didn't imagine that Fortnite players would use the Shopping Carts to propel themselves at solid objects instead of other players, but that'll likely be fixed in a later update.


The idea that this interaction is unintended is backed up by another similar breakthrough that a Fortnite player had not long ago when they figured out that you could not only break open the mysterious bunker hidden in the woods but also enter it. By building a ramp in the same way that the players in this video did, someone sent themselves into a downward trajectory and put them inside the bunker. There was nothing in their either, so whatever's supposed to be inside of these two locations clearly isn't ready to be revealed or accessed just yet.