'Fortnite' Ice Storm Event Brings Back Zombies

Fortnite's Ice Storm event that Epic Games has been building up to has finally happened, and with the event came the return of the game's controversial zombies.

The event kicked off on Saturday with a huge, wispy image of the Ice King unleashing some changes unto the game's map. Those changes are still being discovered as players explore the game to see what's new, but one difference that's already been confirmed is that the zombies are back.

Fortnite players who were active in the game late last year will recall that the zombies first made an appearance during the Fortnitemares event. They added a PvE element to the game where players had to fight not only other human players but also the AI enemies who chased them down and added extra challenges to the game.

Judging from some of the responses seen so far, the zombies are going to prove to be a controversial addition once again in Fortnite with some players not looking forward to fighting them again. During Ninja's stream though, the players streaming together pointed out that the zombies appear to be better implemented this time and aren't quite as aggressive, so it may be that they've been adjusted to strike a balance between what players want and what Epic Games wants. Fortnite streamer Tfue shared the news that the new version of zombies also grant players shields as well as loot, so there's more of an incentive than ever for players to take down the undead enemies.

The reveal of these zombies may have disappointed some players, but it wasn't a totally unexpected event seeing how the reveal was spoiled by leaked challenges. Some of the challenges for the Ice Storm event task players with fighting these enemies, so if they want to complete all the challenges, some encounters with the zombies will have to be had.


Fortnite's Ice Storm event also affected the map in other ways along with the zombies.