'Fortnite' Leak Reveals Volcanic Pits And Where The Floating Island Is Going

fortnite floating island logo

Earlier today, Fortnite's Loot Lake island started to move. And not long after this happened, a new leak surfaced that claims to show where it is going, and that it will bring with it volcanic pits.

The leak comes courtesy of an exploit in the Replay Mode, and reveals that the island is going to move to corrupted areas across the map and spawn volcanic pits in said locations.

Unfortunately, the leak doesn't reveal how quickly this will all unfold, however, since it started moving, the floating island has already moved a considerable distance, and so hopefully it won't be as dragged out as the Cube and its movements last season.

As you may know, references to volcanic pits in the game's files -- and seemingly a volcano -- leaked earlier this year. At the time, it was believed the cube would turn Loot Lake into a volcanic pit fit with a massive Volcano, but this doesn't seem to be what's happening.

Rather, there will be multiple volcanic pits all over the map, and maybe perhaps a giant one at Loot Lake with a volcano?

As always, all leaks, reports, and rumors of the unofficial capacity should be taken with a grain of salt. Epic Games are the master of misdirection and teasing, so who knows what's about to happen. But if you thought because Season 5 was over Season 6 just started that it would be quiet and uneventful for a little bit, you were wrong. It appears things are only getting started.

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This isn't the only leak this weekend: there's been two others. The first suggests that the mysterious cube that first appeared last season is actually growing. Meanwhile, the second seemingly confirmed that the Dark Bomber outfit is coming to the game soon, and with a new pickaxe.


In more official news, Epic Games took out the Shadow Stones yesterday, and has yet to put them back in.

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