'Fortnite' Map Update Covers Everything in Snow

Fortnite’s map has been updated again with the entire map now covered in snow for the [...]

Fortnite's map has been updated again with the entire map now covered in snow for the holidays.

Season 7's start covered parts of the map in snow and created new locations such as Polar Peak, but that wintery weather was previously restricted to the bottom-left portion of the map. A section of grassy land separated the snow from the desert in the bottom-right corner of the map, but players have now noticed that the entire map has been covered in snow.

The transition to a fully-snowed map was made without much fanfare or announcement from Epic Games, much like many other changes that occur in Fortnite's map. It wasn't an event that happened in-game, so players didn't miss out on any scheduled event if they didn't notice the snowy transition happen. Players reported finishing a match with the map appearing as it normally did, but by the time they'd queued up for another match and loaded in, the map had already changed.

Fortnite's snow map update was leaked before it was rolled out, so the change might not be totally unexpected for those who took notice of the leak before. No specific date was known regarding when the update would change the map, but it makes sense that it'd happen either on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, which it did on the latter.

The holiday changes follow other updates that Epic Games released for Fortnite while the developers are on break. One content update has already released that added Presents to the game, a new item that, when used, creates a giant gift that players can hack into to see what loot is inside. It's a Legendary item, so it won't be too easy to find, but it's hard to miss once one of the Presents has been erected. There are also plans to release two more content updates throughout the next few days, the next of which is scheduled to release in less than a week.