Fortnite Mobile Is Live, Invitations Going Out Now

This afternoon Epic Games confirmed that the first wave of invitations to play Fortnite mobile [...]

This afternoon Epic Games confirmed that the first wave of invitations to play Fortnite mobile have just gone out. If you signed up to play through the invitation event on iOS, then you might want to check your email; you could have an invitation waiting for you right now! Here's what Epic had to say in its update:

"Today we're emailing the first round of invites for the Fortnite Invite Event on iOS. This is the initial round of invites. We will be sending more in the coming days and weeks, so if you don't get one right away, don't worry. The game is in an early state and we look forward to your feedback as we iterate and improve. We will email you when you are granted friend invites. Please post your suggestions to the forums or Reddit!"

Exciting, right?! If you missed your chance to sign up, it's not too late. You can head on over to the Fortnite mobile page here and put in your email address for your chance to be one of the first people in the world to play Fortnite on mobile. My editor in chief got an invitation, and has not hesitated to rub it in our faces:

For your information, the game will take up a little more than 12GB on your phone, so you may want to go ahead and start clearing out storage now. You may also be interested to know that you won't be able to use a controller. Bluetooth controllers will not work with the game, but controller support will be coming eventually. More on that here. Here are a few more tidbits from Epic's Fortnite Mobile FAQ:

  • Why haven't I received an invite?

  • We're sending out invites as our services can handle more players, with the goal of maintaining a healthy player population. Not everyone will get in at the same time. After you sign up at, you will be notified via email once you get in.

  • Is Fortnite on mobile coming to Android?

  • Yes. Android will be supported in the next few months.

  • Will mobile players be forced to play with other platforms?

  • No. By default, mobile players are matched against mobile players only. When a mobile player joins a squad with friends on other platforms, then that squad is matchmade against a multiplatform population. Thus, cross platform play is opt in.

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