New Fortnite Weapon Leaks

(Photo: Epic Games)

Every couple of weeks, a new Fortnite weapon leaks. And then a couple weeks later, it's added into the game like clockwork. The latest weapon to leak appears to be an SMG of sorts, or at least it looks like an SMG. A Vector 45 to be more specifically. The discovery was made by dataminer Kleinmike, who unearthed assets of the weapon in the game's files. Not long after, more assets were discovered for the weapon, which is apparently called the "Burst SMG."

The SMG was located in the new files added to the game with a recent update, and according to Storm Shield One, the gun will be available in three variants: green, blue, and grey. Of course, this suggests the weapon won't rank among the best in the game. However, according to the stats located for the weapon, it's actually not bad. It deals out 23 to 25 damage per hit and deals out 3.4 bullets per second. In other words, if you're accurate and up close, you can effectively mow people down with it. The problem is its clip size is only 20 and its range isn't very good, which means you're going to have to make every bullet really count unless you're rocking a second close range weapon.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt like any leak. That said, Fortnite file leaks have been incredibly reliable sources, and there's enough here to suggest it's not a matter of if the gun is coming to the game, but when.


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