Fortnite's Party Feature Is Down, Will Be Fixed Later Today

Fortnite’s party feature is currently down following a morning full of server issues.After a big [...]


Fortnite's party feature is currently down following a morning full of server issues.

After a big patch was recently released and a hotfix update followed to correct some issues that it introduced, players began reporting that larger Fortnite problems were afoot that affected the game's servers. Players found that they were unable to log in to the game at all, and with so many players now taking part in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, the downtime quickly attracted the attention of disgruntled players.

Following the issues that are currently still affecting Fortnite, Epic Games responded to players on Reddit and said that they were aware of the issues that apparently resulted from an influx of players and put unexpected stress on the servers.

"Hi everyone, Fortnite has had another big bump in player count this week and we were not prepared for it," a representative from Epic Games wrote. "We have had a ton of issues and we are working hard to getting them sorted. We can't apologize to our players enough, and you can be sure that we are going to make this right. We can only ask you for your patience. We will likely be taking Fortnite offline for a while so we can work through this. We'll let you know when that will happen. We will update you soon on the next steps."

The post was updated later with a note that confirmed the party feature was indeed down and would be fixed later in the day.

"UPDATE: 11:48 AM The Fortnite party service is down, and Solo and Fill are the only modes available. Players should expect downtime to fix the problem later today."

The confirmation about the party mode followed more than a few tweets between the Fortnite Twitter account and players who were looking for answers regarding the server issues. Issues with the party system were occurring overnight as well as into the morning with the account keeping players updated each step of the way until a link to the Reddit post was tweeted early in the day to issue an official statement on the problems.

No specific time has been provided for when the party system will be working again, but look for more updates on the feature before the end of the day.